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2020: A Year of Technological Challenges and Opportunities

2020: A Year of Technological Challenges and Opportunities

In the latest issue of WILLed (Women in Legal Leadership, a publication of the ALFN), Erica Fujimoto and Jeff Krause of Affinity Consulting interviewed attorneys in the default services industry to see how they reacted to the remote work challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.  “Many firms thought they had the right technology in place to survive a disaster. Unfortunately, too many were prepared for the wrong disaster.”

“Employees working from home faced both high and low-tech challenges.” Zoom conferences, virtual notarization, call forwarding, and remote desktop access helped keep the work moving. “Firms also turned to electronic mailing solutions like iMailTracking because their people were not able to be in the office printing and stuffing envelopes.”

Fujimoto and Krause were encouraged to find that traditionally conservative firms were beginning to implement long overdue technology upgrades, and they concluded that overcoming technology challenges is often about “letting go of expectations and being more real with ourselves and others.”

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